About tulipGAL

tulipGAL is a typical working mom in her 40s living in Singapore, juggling her daily life between her work and motherhood. Working and taking care of a kid at the same time is hard life and she has came across many blogs by Singapore mommies, focusing their blogs on parenting and/or their struggle with parenthood.

As a SG mommy, she also loves to share her struggle on raising her kid and the wonderful journey of parenthood. But she also notices that many mommies here in Singapore have not been sharing about how they take care of themselves, their skincare, etc through their parenting journey in their blogs. She totally understands how parenting can make a mommy’s daily life the busiest that she ever has, but she also believes that for all the sacrifices that we have made to bring the little ones to Mother Earth, every single mommy out there should be entitled to that little bit of time each day to pamper their skin to look good. As a Chinese saying goes, “世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人”. Translated in English, it would literally mean there’s no ugly women in the world, only the lazy ones are out there.

She hopes that with this blog, she can share with the mommies out there on her beauty secrets whilst juggling with her work and her kid on a daily basis. She hopes other mommies can also share their tips on how they take care of their skin and body at this blog too!


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